Top 5 Best Tile Cleaner for Bathroom in India 2020

WaveX Liquid Floor Cleaner

A sparkling bathroom is everyone’s dream. If you want to keep your bathroom tiles in a cleaner and sparkling state, you need to choose the best tile cleaner for bathrooms. However, finding the right tile cleaning liquids may not be easy.

Well, here are a few exciting options for the best tile cleaner for bathroom in India. We assume that the list of best options here would be helpful enough to achieve your dream of a sparkling clean bathroom.

Best Bathroom Tile Cleaner in India 2020

#1 CIF Cream Surface Cleaner

Best Tile Cleaner for Bathroom in India

CIF has been known as the best option for the liquid abrasive surface cleaner. You can expect the quality of offering you an excellent choice here. It can be your best bet for the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere around the home. It can provide you with the removal of stubborn dirt ever.

The liquid cleaner can offer you access to the removal of grease and dirt. One of the best tile cleaner for bathroom in India, it helps you avoid any damage to the tiles. You can be assured of the best multipurpose performance.

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#2 WaveX Liquid Floor Cleaner

WaveX Liquid Floor Cleaner

The floor cleaner works effectively on any type of surface that includes marble, granite, wooden flooring, and tiles. It can kill germs and bacteria much effectively. You can use it for degreasing the surface in your kitchen and bathroom, as well. The accompanying lime fragrance would make it yet another excellent option.

It can clean your surfaces without posing any damage to the floor or the tiles. The value for money products would be a perfect option for the best tile cleaner for bathroom in India. The product comes in a highly concentrated state and thus would be an exciting choice for affordable usage. A little quantity in water would make it an efficient cleaner.

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#3 Kolan Organic Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaner

Kolan Organic Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaner

This eco-friendly product should ideally be an exciting choice among the best tile cleaner for bathroom in India. It can work on almost all surface types that include Marble, Granite, Wood, Tiles, Stainless Steel, and Glass.

The chemical-free composition can make it a great choice in every respect. This cleaner is made of multi-enzyme formula, making it completely organic in nature. The non-toxic, non-flammable and nonabrasive product should ideally be the right choice if you have babies or pets at home. The eco-friendly product is indeed a real value for money.

#4 Harpic Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner

Harpic Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner

The liquid bathroom cleaner comes with powerful cleaning agents. I can kill more than 99 per cent of germs right away. The best tile cleaner for bathroom in India can clean even the toughest of the stains. The pleasant fragrance of the product would make it a great choice.

The liquid comes with the concentrated formula. Thus, even one or two capfuls oft liquid in half bucket of water should be enough for the complete bathroom. If you have any stubborn stains to be removed, use undiluted. It will work on most of the bathroom surfaces that include tiles.

#5 Cleanz-up Universal Surface Stain Remover

Cleanz-up Universal Surface Stain Remover

This is one of the excellent options for use with bathroom tiles and helps you with access to perfect cleaning performance. The multipurpose stain remover gives you access to the best protection against Grime, Soot, Soil, Dirt, Grout, Betel Leaf, Pan, Gutka, Oil, Pen, Crayons, Ink, Food Stains, Adhesive, Lipstick, Grass or anything.

The safe and convenient product has no acid content and does not damage any of your surfaces. It can work effectively with almost every sort of surface, including Tiles, Glass, Carpet, Sports Shoes, Furniture, Toilet, Bathroom, and Fixtures. It is a non-spray formula. It helps you achieve the best results even for the hard and aged stains.

Well, those were a few exciting options you can opt for if you are looking to clean up those slimes and grime on the bathroom tiles.

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