10 Best Teak Wood Sofa Sets in India 2020

best teak wood sofa sets in india

The living room in your home needs a sofa quite invariably enough. However, with plenty of options available across different platforms for the best sofa sets, it would be a little challenging to choose the right ones right away. From that perspective, we thought we would check out the best teak wood sofa sets in India that would prove to be handy enough.

When looking for a sofa for your living room, the prime importance you would place on the factors such as durability and strength. Teakwood is one of the best options from both those points of view. As such, we will check out a few exciting options for the best teak wood sofa in India.

10 Best Teak Wood Sofa Sets in India 2020

#1 BL Wood Furniture Teak Wood Sydney Style Sofa

best teak wood sofa sets in india

The sofa comes in a three-piece option with a total seating capacity of 5. It is quite durable and has been designed to provide an elegant look to your living room. The stylish contemporary design, coupled with ergonomic design, is what should make it a preferred option for almost all your requirements. One of the features we loved with the sofa is its grid pattern armrest that makes it more modern in terms of looks. The backseat and armrest have removable cushions for easy cleaning.

#2 Sapna House Teakwood Sofa

best teak wood sofa set designs

The sofa is available in multiple colours and provides you access to a standard size in terms of dimensions. An excellent level of flexibility and a high-end comfortability are the two features we found quite impressive on the product. The sofa is a result of years of research and has indeed resulted in the best teakwood sofa you can opt for. Each of the products is carefully crafted by skilled human resources and an assorted set of best materials.

#3 Shilpi Handicrafts Teak Wood Sofa/Storage Bench

Teak Wood Storage Bench

A combination of sofa cum storage space, it should be what would make a perfect companion. The sofa is made of premium quality teakwood and comes with high-grade workmanship. The simple yet sturdy construction is one of the features that would make it an excellent choice for a majestic look. Entirely handcrafted by the experienced artisans, the Shilpi range of teakwood sofa is a prime option for your living room.

#4 Aarsun Woods Teak Wooden Sofa Set

Teak Wood Living Room Sofa Set

Are you looking for a premium design on your sofa set even if it costs a fortune? The Aarsun Woods Teak Wooden Sofa Set should be the best teak wood sofa sets in India that should meet your expectations. Available in standard size and sandy brown colour, the sofa looks exceptionally royal. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it can be customized to your preferences. The floral carving on the back provides it with an enjoyable experience.

#5 Timberwala Dandeli Teak Wood 5 Seater Ghan Model Sofa Set

Dandeli Teak Wood Sofa Set

The Timberwala Dandeli Teak Wood 5 Seater Ghan Model Sofa Set comes with the three pieces – sofa, chair, and tepoy. The material used in the construction bears the authorization certificate provided by the Karnataka Forest Department. The teakwood used in the manufacturing of the sofa comes from the western ghats of India that would provide it with a great deal of authenticity to the product. We would indeed treat it definitely as the best teakwood sofa in India.

#6 Adlakha Furniture Teak Wooden sofa

Adlakha Furniture Elegant Teak Wooden Sofa Set

The extra cushions on the back provide additional value with respect to the strength and extra bounce. The criss-cross pattern on the armrest gives it a natural and beautiful look. The seat length offers you an exceptional comfort level when sitting. The five-seater arrangements would make it a perfect choice for the best teakwood sofa in India.

#7 Aarsun Woods 3+3 Seater Wooden L-Shape Teak Sofa Set

L Shape Teak Wood Sofa Designs

The L shape sofa from Aarsun is an excellent option for that unique look you have always looked for in your living room. The handcrafted sofa comes with durable workmanship and enhanced construction quality. You can customize the sofa to meet the exact needs you may have. The upholstery fabric can also be changed as your preferences. The six-seater compatibility is yet another plus point.

#8 SK Modern Art Pure Teak Wood Double Side Back Swing + Sofa

Teak Wood Sofa with Swing

A perfect combination of swing and sofa, the SK Modern Art product is one best option for the best experience in choosing the best teakwood sofa in India. Of course, the seating capacity is limited to two, but the swing functionality would make it a good alternative. In essence, it can be the right one if you are checking out a unique look to your living room.

#9 Sigma Furniture Assam Teak Wood and Engineering Wood Sofa

Assam Teak Wood Sofa Set

Yet another excellent option for the best teakwood sofa in India, the Sigma Furniture Assam Teak Wood, and Engineering Wood Sofa can be a marvel in every aspect. The sofa, as the name indicates, is constructed with a combination of Assam teakwood and engineering wood. The double cushions will ensure a high degree of comfortability. You can be assured of more exceptional seating experience. You get access to sophisticated and traditional styling.

#10 DNR System Teak Wood Pull Out Sofa/Bed

Teak Wood Pull Out Sofa Designs

The deco finish offered on the product would make it one of the exceptional options for the best teakwood sofa in India. The solid wood construction and modern look are the two features we found extremely wonderful options on the sofa cum bed. The traditional look of the sofa and the better functionality are a couple of features that would ideally make it a great choice you would want to go with.

Well, that was a formidable list of options you can check out for the best teakwood sofa in India. We have handpicked the products in this compilation based on the key factors, such as durability, strength, and functionality. Check out the teakwood sofa options outlined here and get access to the best quality options.

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