Top 10 Best Dry Fruits Brands in India 2020

Tulunadu Flavours Dry Fruits

The world today is moving towards being health conscious. The dry fruits are perhaps what would ideally what should help you achieve the goal. Are you not able to consume enough of good nutritious food for reasons professional or otherwise? It may be an excellent idea to pay attention to dry fruits. 

In fact, dry fruits would be a better choice when you compare them to fast food (or junk food as they are sometimes called). Are you fond of dry fruits and have been buying them aplenty? It may be equally important to check out the best dry fruits brands in India that you can rely upon. The list here should be helpful enough for you in making the right choice. 

India is perhaps one of the lands where you would get different types of dry fruits in plenty of quantity. That would mean there is no shortage of the best dry fruit s brand in India. As such, we will pick the cream of the best options available for the health freak in you. 

Best Dry Fruit Brands in India 2020

#1 Happilo

Happilo Dry Fruits Logo

Happilo is one of the most popular brands when you look at the best dry fruits brands in India. The products from the brand ensure to provide high fiber content, high protein and absolutely no trans fat content. 

Happilo is a brand specializes in a wide variety of dry fruits, dried fruits, nuts, berries and dates. The dry fruit mix comes with the improved efficiency in terms of digestion, immunity and mental health. One of the best options for assured cardiovascular system health, it offers you a better performance. 

#2 Nutraj

Nutraj Dry Fruit Logo

Thee king of Nuts that is what Nutraj mean, and the brand lives up to the name. The brand is known well enough for the assorted offering of best quality of dry fruits. The products from the brand provide you access to the best possible nutrients and antioxidants. 

Do you want to satisfy your hunger without the risk of jeopardizing your health and fitness? Nutraj offers you a wide range of options for a completely guilt-free snacking. The brand has one of its plants in Jammu and Kashmir, the land of dry fruits. That should make it one of the right options for high-quality products. 

#3 Solimo

Top 10 Best Dry Fruit Brands in India

Solimo has been a popular dry fruits brands in India and offers you access to a wonderful list of best products. The high-level vacuum pack offered by the brand provides you access to the improved freshness and better shelf life. Get access to the premium quality products from one of the best dry fruits brands in India. 

The nuts and dry fruits are handpicked and packed in a controlled environment in the state-of-the-art facilities. You can be assured of high quality and a healthy assortment of your favourite munching. 

#4 Tulsi

Tulsi Dry Fruits Logo

Tulsi has been one of the prominent and most popular options among the best dry fruits brands in India. The vacuum-packed packing offered by the brand is yet another huge plus point that keeps really fresh and safe from contamination. 

The company is ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP certified. That should be one of the best factors that makes it one of the preferred options ever. The brand produces highly cholesterol-free products and offers you access to a 100 per cent organic quality. 

#5 Sainik’s

This is yet another popular option for buying dry fruits in India. The products from Sainik’s are assured of a rich source of energy. The dry fruits from the brand offer you the best in class minerals, nutrients and vitamins. This would ensure the best of your health and fitness. 

The packaged content comes with high organic content. Maximum shelf life offered by the products from Sainik’s is a whopping nine months. The dry fruits are assured to contains the natural prebiotics and other elements that help you in proper digestion. 

#6 Carnival Dry fruits 

Carnival Dry Fruits

Carnival is known to offer you a 100 per cent natural choice of dry fruits, dates and nuts. The produces from the brand come with hand-picked nuts and dry fruits. This makes them one of the excellent choices you would want to go with. 

The highly sophisticated packing ensures that all the natural ingredients stay intact. Dry fruits from Carnival come all the way from the agricultural fields in the USA and provide you with an assured quality standard. The ISO 22000 certification is yet another plus point that should go a long way in promoting quality. 

#7 Go Organic

If you are looking for the high-grade gluten-free natural farm-fresh product, the Go Organic should be your prime pick. The dry fruit varieties offered by Go Organic can be used in a wide range of delicacies including veggies, salads or pulao. 

One of the best dry fruits brands in India, Go Organic has been certified of being organic by QAI. The handpicked and premium quality dry fruits are made available to you in vacuum packed boxes. This is helpful to keep them fresh and safe for prolonged periods f time. 

#8 Ancy Natural 

This is yet another best brand worthy of being in the list of the best dry fruits brands in India. The brand assures a high degree of quality to the users. One of the best options we fond interesting about the brand is it offers you a 12-month shelf life guarantee. The fruits sold by Ancy Natural come with no preservatives or flavouring agents added. 

Packing in an airtight container will ensure prolonged life and quality of the product. The dry fruits from the brand are assured to come with natural protein-rich content. No addition of sweetener can be considered to be yet another huge plus point. 

#9 Urban Platter

Urban Platter Logo

The dry fruits can be rich in proteins and delicious. The brand does assure you an improved and ensured quality in terms of freshness. Urban Platter sources the dry fruits from a region that they are known well enough for. For instance, almonds come all the way from California. 

Urban Platter believes in establishing a personal connection with what you eat. That is exactly what it achieves with its assorted collection of best dry fruits and other delicacies. You can have access too practically everything you are looking at when it comes to the dry fruits. Get assured of the perfect blend with one of the best dry fruits brands in India. 

#10 Tulunadu Flavours Dry Fruits

Tulunadu Flavours Dry Fruits

How about a local variety that has become popular on the popular online portals like Amazon? Tulunadu Dry fruits are perhaps one such option among the best dry fruits brands in India. They offer both combo packs for the best in class dry fruits or offer you separate packages as well. 

The hygienic packaging ensures high quality and better shelf life. The dry fruits brand provides you with an assortment of cashew nut(whole), black raisins, raisins, almonds, pista, walnut, apricot, and anjeer.

That was a comprehensive list of the best dry fruit company in India. Check out those brands and their offerings and choose the best options available for you. 

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