Top 5 Best Carrom Boards in India

Best quality carrom board in India

Carrom is perhaps one of the best indoor games, and also one of the most sought after ones. What makes it one of the excellent options is it does not need you to go prepare any ground and play. Of course, you would need a few accessories for enjoying the best gaming experience, and the carrom board is just one of them.

From that perspective, how about checking out a few best carrom boards in India that you can buy? Let us check them out.

#1 SYNCO Player Series – Champion Super

Best Carrom Board in India

Are you a professional carrom player? The SYNCO Player Series Champion board is undoubtedly one of the best quality carrom boards in India. No matter whether you are looking for a carrom board for championships or personal practices, this should be the best you can go with.

It comes with a smoother surface and deeper pockets. The 35 inches board weights just around 16 Kgs. Given the affordable price tag, it should be a great bargain.


  • Scratch and waterproof.
  • Superior smooth experience.


  • There is no support for warp.

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#2 GSI Carrom Board

GSI Carrom Board

It provides you access to a complete package along with coins and striker. A smoother playing surface, coupled with the high-end rebound capabilities, would make it a great choice. No matter which age group you are looking for, GSI brand caters to all your requirements.

One of the best carrom boards in India, it comes with a gloss finish. You may need to play 10 to 12 rounds until the surface is smoothed. The best part is that the board is manufactured in India and recommended the world over.


  • Water-resistance properties
  • Made from Assam Plywood with ply thickness varying from approx. 4 mm to 24 mm
  • Highly affordable price
  • Available in 5 different sizes


  • Could not find any cons

#3 KORNERS Wooden Carrom Board

Best quality carrom board in India

The Korners brands deals in Carron boards alone. Established in 1974, the brand has been one of the prominent options. An excellent rebound performance, coupled with sturdy reinforcement is what would make it a great choice.

The Sky range of carrom boards can be the best quality carrom boards in India and are made available in multiple sizes. The carrom board comes in two colour options of Brown and Beige.


  • Made of high-grade Assam plywood.
  • Strong build
  • The package comes with coins, board and striker.


  • Wood is of slightly lower quality

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#4 Chhabra Sports Product Indian Carrom Board

Wooden Carrom Board India

If you are looking for something for your kids, the Chhabra Sports Product Indian Carrom Board is an excellent option. Do note that the carom board may not be the right for any serious carrom game.

Priced just above Rs. 500, the carom board is available in a 20 × 20 inches size. The package includes the coins, striker and boric powder. Are you are a beginner in carrom and want to build a strategy on a smaller version? This is the right choice for the best carrom boards in India.


  • Durable design
  • Can be the right option to initiate your kids into the art of carrom


  • Only suitable for children, No serious gameplay.

#5 J D Sports Full Carrom Board

J D Sports Full Carrom Board

J D Sports is one of the most popular carrom boards in India. The full carrom board offered by J D sports can be a great choice among the best carrom boards in India. The large board has dimensions of 81 × 81 cms.

You would find a carrom board for almost every requirements- right from the kids to the professionals – you would find everything suitable for everyone. Made of high-quality wood, the J D Sports carrom board would be an excellent option.


  • Wide range of options across the different user base.
  • High-quality material


  • Smoothness may not be equivalent to the professional level.

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Well, those were a few excellent carrom board options for the Indian users. We have ensured that we have listed the best carrom boards in India that would meet the needs of every gene of users. Right from the kids and beginners to the professionals, you can have access to excellent performance for every one of your needs. Check them out and choose the best that meets your needs.


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