Top 5 Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

Kohinoor Punjabi Butter Chicken Masala

India is a land of spic, and that would explain why our food is so much full of masala. However, if you want to improve the quality of your food, the right mix of masala is essential. Many manufacturers in India have been known for the best Masala mix. Picking the right option may not be easy. That is why we thought of listing out a few good options for the best Chicken Masala Powder in India to make your task more straightforward and easier.  Let us check out some of the Best Chicken Masala Powder in India to make your taste buds get into life!

#1 Kohinoor Punjabi Butter Chicken Masala

Kohinoor Punjabi Butter Chicken Masala

If you love Punjabi Butter Chicken, the Kohinoor Punjabi Butter Chicken Masala should be your best bet. Of course, it can be one of the expensive options, and that may be out of bounds for most of us. However, single-serve sachet should be an ideal option for those special occasions.

It can be one of the best chicken masala powder in India with its four-layer packaging. The brand has been for more than four decades and lives as proof for itself. It can be one of the excellent options for adding more taste to your butter chicken.

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#2 Everest Chicken Masala Powder

Everest Tandoori Chicken Masala

Everest has been one of the best Masala brands in India and has been a popular option for improving culinary values. The Everest Chicken Masala adds more flavour and taste to your food. Give that luscious flavour to your chicken preparations that would even invite the neighbours.

The flavouring agents inside the masala powder provides you access to a predominating spice flavour. The flavours will not dissipate under the fire. It has all the spices perfectly blended together.

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#3 MDH Chicken Masala

MDH Chicken Masala Powder

The spicy and delicious product from the well-known brand MDH makes it easier to prepare your masala. It offers you a unique blend for your chicken preparations. The masala powder comes with 100 per cent natural products.

The recipe on the reverse of the pack can be just right enough if you are new to making chicken. You can either prepare mild or spicy chicken as per your preferences. If you want that perfect nostalgic blend for your chicken curry, MDH chicken masala should be the best chicken masala powder in India.

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#4 Sparsh Masala Chicken Kabab Masala

Best Chicken Masala Powder in India

How about those spicy chicken kebabs? You can prepare those finger smacking chicken kebabs with ease and simplicity. Offering you a perfect blend of different spices, you can be assured of tempting aroma and alluring taste ever.

Hygienic packing is one of the best aspects that we liked about the brand and the product. One of the excellent options among the best Chicken Masala Powder in India, Sparsh lets you make those wonderful and exciting chicken kebabs.


#5 Keya Combo of Awadhi Kadhai Chicken & Butter Chicken Masala

Keya Butter Chicken Masala

Yet another exciting option, albeit a little expensive. It comes with the Pre roasted ground and whole spices. That would make it one of the excellent choices for the traditional recipe. Authenticity is the key to this classic product. However, make sure that you use it in a lesser quantity than the other masala powders as it tends to be more powerful enough.

It can be considered to be the best chicken masala powder in India. The ingredients in the masala powder are handpicked, and that is what would make it highly authentic. Want to have access to those nostalgic moments that you were used in your childhood? Keya Khada combo masala should be an excellent option for you.

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Well, those were a few exciting options you can go with if you are looking for the best chicken masala powder in India. These masalas can be used creatively to make a variety of delicious chicken dishes. Of course, there are plenty of options, but we have made it a point to list out the best possible options among them. Check them out and share your experiences with us.

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